• Ski

  • Everyone will love the Ski Center Agriolefkes, which is located 17 km. away from our sheltter. 5 specially formed ski slopes, with graded difficulty, so as you to enjoy your skiing and also lifts/elevators to stroll in the snowy mountains.

  • Trekking at Mountain Pelion

  • Pelion is the ideal place for hiking and walks at the nature. According to history, in Pelion paths they have walked Gods, Demigods, Centaurs, Nymphs, Giants, Kings and Warriors.

  • Nights at Pelion

  • Away from the intense and hectic nightlife, Pelion offers entertaining and relaxing nights. Spend your night at the local taverns,enjoying the warm hospitality of the residents of Pelion, with live music, or at a cafe-bar of the area.

  • Local Taverns

  • In the picturesque taverns of Pelion villages, you can taste traditional dishes and drink wine and tsipouro, produced by the residents of the mountain. Either you choose a seaside tavern or other that is located in the mountains, the only thing for sure is that this culinary experience will be unforgettable.

  • Horse Riding

  • During your holiday you can horse ride at the picturesque villages of Pelion. That way you will experience unique beaty areas, bridges and monasteries. Memories that will last forever.

  • Mountain biking at Pelion

  • Despite hiking and horse riding, you can explore Pelion with mountain biking. From simple routes for begginers, to rough paths for the most demanding, meet Pelion and the nature of the mountain.

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